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InterLab® Web Access - Virtual Linking for Flexibility and Efficiency

InterLab Web Access is the easy and secure way of flexibly extending the project team. Whether internal or external staff are added, all that is needed is a browser with internet access.


Internally, additional specialists or managers can be integrated into the project. A particular advantage is the ability to involve external partners, clients or suppliers who can be flexibly connected to the project.



Focusing on project management and progress evaluation


The Web client allows the user to gain insight into the project status and interact systematically with other team members. The functional areas fulfill the following requirements:


  • “My Test” provides the status in relation to the test plan, showing the level of progress achieved. Results of specific tests can for example be downloaded, evaluated and commentated.
  • “Issue” gives the user access to the system’s communication platform; identifying which project-specific queries (“issues”) can be categorized and reviewed in the project team. The communication flow is documented, eliminating the need for “management by email”.


Thus the strengths of Web Access become clear.

  • The current status is delivered in real-time without manual operation e.g. copying
  • The bi-directional working method is the basis for project-specific exchange of information


Naturally, Interlab offers a professional and comprehensive security concept in respect of Web Access.